The Abandoned Victorian Welsh Mine Where You Can Run Away From Spooks This Halloween


Halloween is just over a month away, so if you enjoy the fear and thrill, be sure to book this event now before its too late.

Tickets are already available for this year’s spooky fest, ‘Terror Mountain’, in the abandoned Welsh Victorian mine situated in the Cambrian Mountains.


(Source: Pinterest, 2018)

This year, the event is hoped to be more fearful than previous years, and new live horror technology is promised to have visitors jumping out of their skin.


(Source: Wales Online, 2018)


Set just outside of Aberystwyth, this event is known to be one of Wales’ most thrilling Halloween events. This event is set in the underground where visitors to the event will experience multiple terrifying and spine-chilling situations.




(Source: New Mark Studios, 2006)

The U.T.U.R (Unknown Threat Response Unit) have had unusual events reported, so the secret organisation has landed within the site, where they will expect visitors to help them expose the truth.

Strange noises and missing people have been reported, lets hope you’re not next.



(Source: Terror Mountain, 2018)

Relic is centred in the Ponterwyd Museum of Curiosities, and visitors are invited to the opening of the ceremony.

Within the Relic, you can encounter oddities and take in the collections, whereby the ancient Relic dates back centuries.  

It must be mentioned… DO NOT TOUCH the oddities and collections visible, there are presence that are overly protective.



(Source: Animo Apps, 2018)

If you are a fan of any paranormal activity, you may believe that participating in the Ouija Board is a good idea.

However… for people who are aware of most horror movies will know that it is a bad choice to mess with ‘the other world’.

For individuals who feel they want to mess with ‘the other side’, be aware of ‘her’ presence.

Who? – That’s for you to find out.



(Source: YouTube, 2016)

Be aware, presence down below will sense your sins from a mile away.

But, be brave if you dare, to wonder into the great inferno, where you may encounter some of the scariest and thrilling creatures around.

Just hope you do not have an untainted soul.


Friday, October 19th and Wednesday, October 31st, from 7:30pm until 11pm.


On the gate, tickets will cost £20-£29 depending on which night you choose to go to, but tickets can also be purchased beforehand at a lower price of £16-£23.20.

An Ultimate Terror Pass will allow you unlimited entry to all 2018 dates at £39.

Every group of 10 that books, the 11th person will go free.

Terror Mountain is not for under 12s.

Tickets are available here:


The Welsh Manor That Will Allow You to Watch Bridget Jones And Drink Prosecco!


If you enjoy prosecco, wine, beer, cider, spirits and snack bars, accompanied by live music as one of the movies of the millennium, Bridget Jones’s Diary, is screening, then this is the event for you! 

Where is it held?


(Source: Kevin John Photography, 2018)

The Manor Park Country House based in Clydach, Swansea is where the award-winning film with actress Renee Zellweger will be located this October.


(Source: Cosmopolitan, 2017)


(Source: Literary Festivals, 2018)

Bridget Jones’s Diary, for those who are unaware, is a 2001 film based on Helen Fielding’s 1996 novel about a personal diary. The film concludes a year of Bridget Jones’s life, being a 30-year-old single women, who enjoys a drink and some embarrassing moments whilst living the London life.

Slip N Slide, the company that is organising the very event who are based in Penarth, have held many outdoor events throughout the UK. However, their upcoming event at The Manor Park Country House will be their first indoor event within the UK.

The company Slip N Slide have been famous for their organisation of open-air cinemas. Open Air cinemas have been popular, offering a unique experience with some of the best and favourite movies underneath the stars, shared with loved ones.

Previous open-air cinemas organised by Slip N Slide earlier on this year that have been very popular with all kinds of people and generations, were that of The Greatest Showman, The Lion King and Grease.  



When Is The Screening?

Saturday, October 6th, 2018, at exactly 8:30pm is when the screening of the film will take place within The Manor Park Country House. Doors will open at an earlier time of 7pm to welcome guests with snacks and beverages.

How Much Are Tickets?

Tickets will cost £9.50, with a £1 fee when ordered online. You can get tickets from either the Facebook Event, or Slip N Slide official website. 

Sparks In The Park 2018 Returns! Get Your Tickets Now!


Unfortunately for some, the gorgeous sunshine that was enjoyed by many this summer is fading, but cosy evenings, warm food and drink, and of course, Bonfire Night in Cardiff is something to look forward to!

If the Welsh city is the one for you this Bonfire Night, then Cardiff’s huge and annual firework event, Sparks In The Park returns this year!

Sparks In The Park will include two displays, one the entertain children, and another display later on which is known as the main display that caters for all guests!

If Cardiff is the place for you this Bonfire Night, then here is what you need to know…



(Source: Exchange Hotel Cardiff, 2018)

2018’s Sparks In The Park will be hosted within Cardiff, the Welsh capital, where event planners are expecting around 20,000 people to come and visit to watch the sky light up for Bonfire Night.

Blackweir Fields, Bute Park, Cardiff, is where Wales’ biggest firework display will be situated, and hosted by Cardiff Round Table. 


Saturday, 3rd of November is the date that Sparks In The Park will be returning to Cardiff city.

The event will be open for visitors at 4:30, and two displays will take place throughout the evening. The display for youngsters will begin at 5:45pm, and the main display for everyone will start at 7pm.

The displays are set to conclude around 8:30pm.



(Source: Facebook, 2018)

The website evenbrite is where tickets for Sparks In The Park are available.  

Whether e-tickets on smart phones, or printed tickets, both types of tickets will enable entrance to the display where tickets will be scanned at the gates of the event.


It costs £5 for children between three and 16, though children under the age of three can attend the display for free. (Super early bird tickets can be bought now for £3.75).

Tickets for adults will cost £10 (£7.50 for an early bird ticket).

There will also be family tickets (early bird) available which will cost £18.75, or £25 as a normal purchase when not bought within early bird stages.

Family tickets will include two adults and two children, or one adult and three children.



(Source: Avant Commercial, 2018)

The even doesn’t supply any specific parking spaces for visitors, but below is a link to the cheapest carparks in Cardiff’s city centre.


Several food and drink stalls will be available at the event that will be selling a selection of both different foods and drinks.

Questions about food and drink at the event can be seen on Sparks In The Parks Facebook page that will have all kinds off announcements about the event itself.

Though bringing your own alcohol is not allowed, stalls at the event will be selling alcohol for adults.


(Source: Families Online, 2018)

These Are Some Autumn Events Happing in Wales This Year… Take Note!

The nights may be getting darker as summer is nearly ending, but that doesn’t stop events happening in Wales to keep us occupied and entertained.

So, below is a list of some events that will be happening this Autumn that will appeal to almost anyone, as the genres go on. From gigs, theatre, Halloween experiences and food festivals…


(Source: Irish News, 2018)

(Source: Irish News, 2018)

After 12-years, The League of Gentleman return to perform a live show that will last for two nights in Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena, Thursday 6th and Friday 7th September.



(Source: Urban75, 2009)

On Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th, St. Fagan’s National History Museum will host a food festival that will welcome all types of guests, especially families.

Exotic and local produce will be available within and amongst historical buildings.



(Source: Wales Online, 2018)

 If you can cope with heights and food, this is the event for you!

For five days, after touring cities such as London, Brussels, Rio and Sydney, Cardiff in The Sky diners will be raised to 100ft just outside City Call with some of the city’s finest chefs.

There will be eight flights each day, where breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and cocktails in the evening will be served.



(Source: Culture Trip, 2018)

Films will be shown in Cardiff’s Castle (September 14-16) and Swansea’s Oystermouth Castle (September 12-13) this autumn.

These historic locations will screen classics such as The Greatest Showman, Pretty Women and Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone.  



(Source: Carmarthenshire Self-Catering Accommodation, 2014)

Narberth is known for the best of the Welsh foods, and this autumn will be the 20th anniversary for Narberth’s Food Festival.

The festival will take place on 22nd and 23rd of September, and conclude plenty of celebrations, eating and drinking.



(Source: Star Changes, 2018)

Monday, September 24th in Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena, the pop princess will be performing part of her Golden Tour.

The singer will entertain with old-time favourites, and recent hits!



(Source: Elvies, 2018)

From September 28th to the 30th, thousands of Elvis fans will get together on Porthcawl’s seaside to celebrate the King himself.



(Source: Twitter, 2018)

The 24th Carmarthen Beer Festival will take place on October 4th to the 6th, with a selection of 40 ales, ciders, wine and live music playing throughout.



(Source: Cardiff Half Marathon, 2018)

The Cardiff Half is expected to see 25,000 individuals registered to take part in running through the Welsh capital for the 15th year on October 7th.



(Source: Iris Prize, 2017)

LGBT film will be celebrated by the international film festival, as well as hosting the worlds largest short film prize.

Iris Festival will be held on the 9th and 14th of October in Cardiff.



(Source, Cardiff Bay, 2018)

Hosting street foods and a bar, this after-hour opportunity is for grownups only!

The event will allow adults to investigate future technology, augmented reality experiences and virtual reality. 



(Source: Wales Online, 2016)

For the third year running, X Scream, the immersive Halloween experience will return to Rhonda Heritage Park from the 18th to the 31st of October.

A traditional fairy tale will be made famous, and this year’s theme is Once Upon A Time.

Fairy tales will have a twist fear and gore, where visitors will investigate ways to escape.   



(Source: Ladbible, 2018)

Darkened Rooms is hosting Cardiff Castle’s Halloween Week, screening spooky films in the 15th century Undercroft.

Films will include The Nightmare on Elm Street, The Lost Boys and Hocus Pocus.

What a great way to celebrate Halloween located in one of the oldest parts of Wales’ castles, fearing for your life?!

Dwarf Wrestlers come to Coyote Bars in Cardiff and Swansea!

It has been announced that dwarf wrestlers will go toe to toe in Cardiff and Swansea bars!

(Source:, 2018)

Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling’s show” is known as entertainment, hustle and showmanship. It has been acknowledged that The Dwarfanators have been performing and working for more than a decade, with performances taking place in centres, casinos, nightclubs and arenas.

The Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling Show will take place at Coyote Ugly in Cardiff on October 18th, and Coyote Ugly in Swansea October 21st.


(Source: walesonline, 2016)

Previous performances from the show has drew over 2,500 people, where exciting, fun, strong and different are all words describing the show.

(Source:, 2018)

Mr. McMahon, communications and marketing director for Coyote Ugly stated: “Uptake on this event has been phenomenal. The Cardiff show has nearly sold out.”

“It’s quite unbelievable how popular it is. I think it’s because we don’t have anything like it in the UK.”

“We don’t take everything so serious, it’s all about having fun. When you come to Coyote Ugly you can forget all your problems and have fun.”

(Source: walesonline, 2018)

Yet, The Extreme Dwarfanators Show isn’t the only wrestling show to appear in Coyote Ugly, as Billy Gunn (former WWE) will appear as a special guest for the Live Wrestling: Coyote Nitro show in Swansea.

Billy Gunn will be the star of The Exposure Wrestling Show that will take place in September for over 18s only. The show will also include wrestlers including TKO, Lucky Bowden, Bram, Axel Carter and more.

(Source:, 2018)


Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling will cost £15 general admission in advance (£5 extra on door), £22 for ringside and £38 for VIP.

It must be stated that this show is only for over 18s.

Doors will open at 7pm, with the show commencing at 8pm.

Click here for tickets.


Pride Cymru is Back! Another August Bank Holiday filled with comedy, rides, live music, roller disco and beach party!

Part of the celebrations will include eighth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Britney Spears Drag performer by Derrick Barry.

One of the biggest part of Pride Cymru, is of course, the Pride Cymru Parade which will also be taking place!

Just read below to find out all that you need to know about the going’s on…

The lawns outside of Cardiff City Hall, from the 24th August to the 26th is where and when Pride Cymru will take place.


(Source: Meet In Cardiff, 2018)

What is Pride Cymru?

Well, Pride Cymru’s Big Weekend 2018 intertwines two of the largest events that take place in Cardiff: Cardiff’s Big Weekend and Pride.

Funfair rides, entertainment, amusements, colourful carnival and some of the UK’s largest names in music will all take place in the centre. 

If it is anything like the previous years, over 40,000 people are likely to turn up to Pride Cymru during the three days!


(Source: SambaGalez, 2017)

When will Pride Cymru’s 2018 parade take place?

The official Pride parade takes place on the Saturday.

An estimated 10,000 people join together to stroll, walk, march or even run the mile-long distance in the city centre. Equality, difference and diversity is expressed throughout Wales and the city centre as individuals, organisations, groups and families are all welcomed to join in on the parade.

However, the avenue is different compared to last years, as this year’s route will include Westgate Street.


(Source: ITV, 2016)


(Source, Pride Cymru, 2018)

The parade will include walking groups, vehicles and music that will begin at 11am, with signing up at 9am on North Road.

The Pride parade will then conclude around 12:30pm at the Civic Centre.


Friday –

Singer song-writer Angie Brown and Brit Award- winner Sonique will appear on Friday’s Pride along with 1998 international hit single It Feels Good. This will also be joined by electronic dance music due, Flip ‘n’ Fill.


(Source: Skiddle, 2018)


(Source: Metro, 2014)

Saturday –

X-Factor former contestant Saara Aalto, Britney Spears tribute by Derrick Barry and BBC’S All Together Now’s The Sundaes will perform.


(Source: YouTube, 2016)


(Source: Discogs, 2018)

Sunday –

Best known for her 1990s singles Going Nowhere and Dreams, singer songwriter Gabrielle will perform, along with Bang Bang Romeo, Jess Kemp and OMYO.


(Source: The Independent, 2018)


(Source: Twitter, 2018)


You can also expect to see:

Hazell Dean, House of Chords, The South Wales Gay Men’s Chorus, Laura Bannon from The Voice, Night Ride Channy and Gracey Parry.

Chris Hughes, Sum Ting Wong, The Admiral Choir and Kinetic Theatre will also play a part.

There will be tributes of Lady GaGa, Amy Winehouse, Cher and Little Mix too.

Will There Be A Theme?


The theme will be #ProudToBeMe this year. The aim for this campaign will be to inspire members of the LGBT community and others to be themselves, have a voice, express their identities and be proud of who they are.


(Source: Matt Horwood, 2017)

Yet, Pride is for everyone, so glitter, fancy dress, a flag, a onesie or just t-shirt and shorts is ok. There are no rules apart from having fun!

Is Pride Cymru Just for Adults and Teenagers?

No! Pride Cymru is for any individual! Bring whoever you want, kids included. The food, drinks, rides and market stalls are for families as well.


Friday – £7

Saturday and Sunday – £7

VIP for any of the three days (including a glass of bubbly) – £25

£1.20 fee and VAT will be included. 

Click here to buy your tickets online.


Remember Gavin and Stacey? Well here is Baby Neil now!

Sit back. We have freakish news!

We all remember Nessa (played by Ruth Jones), and Smithy (played by James Corden) having an unusual relationship.

Well, one massive outcome of that relationship was Baby Neil!

Here is a photo and scene from the show below to remind you:


(Credit: SmoothRadio, 2018)

As it has been awhile, 10 years to be exact! Since the birth of Baby Neil in season two.

Baby Neil is Ten Years Old!

Here he is now:


(Source: TheMirror, 2018)

The real-life Baby Neil is called Lewis, who played Baby Neil in Gavin and Stacey’s excellent Christmas Special.

Lewis, from Swansea, turned ten years old this year.

His mum, Emily Merchant contacted BBC Three with news on how ‘Baby Neil’ is coping, and that he is no ‘baby’ no more!

Emily Merchant told BBC Three,

“He loves football and is a big ‘Swans’ fan.”

But it came to no surprise that Lewis is also a huge Gavin and Stacey fan too.

Emily added that the family watch Gavin and Stacey’s Christmas special every year, stating Lewis has watched it “loads of times”, and that “he loves the show”.

When the image of Lewis Merchant appeared on Twitter, Late Late Show host James Corden who played Smithy (Baby Neils father) in the show, tweeted “Holy S**t”.

Fans of Gavin and Stacey should remember Smithy and Dave Coaches bantering over what team Baby Neil should support, either West Ham United of Cardiff City.

However, Lewis Merchant (Baby Neil) is a Swansea Jack!

It is known that Lewis still owns the Hammers kit that Smithy gave to him as a present during the Christmas special.

Although Lewis would love to appear back on the show one day, he has now gone on to appear on stage in Swansea, playing the character of Peter Pan. Yet, Lewis’s one love is football and Swansea City.